Flying economy class is the cheapest way to fly, but there are usually very few frills. Economy passengers are often cramped up with their neighbours, fighting over the arm rest, trying to eat a meal with plastic cutlery, without elbowing anyone in the side. After a long haul flight in economy class your legs ache, and trying to get any sleep during a night flight is pretty much impossible.

But for those with the money, it’s a totally different world. Flying first class can make air travel a true pleasure. For those that afford to turn left, a world of luxury awaits…

Enjoy amazing airport lounges and breeze through security

The Virgin Club House Heathrow

The deluxe journey for first class passengers begins before they even set foot on the plane. Most airlines will give their first class passengers exclusive access to a first class lounge. The Virgin Clubhouse at Heathrow airport is one such lounge that will make you feel like royalty. Spacious, and luxurious, you can have a massage or a hair cut, you can eat a gourmet three course meal, and sip on Champagne and cocktails. There’s even a cinema room, a games room and a garden to relax in if the weather is nice. This is of course, after you’ve skipped the queues and been through the private security channel, just for Upper Class passengers. Quantas also have fantastic lounges with a luxury spa, so you can begin your journey totally relaxed.

Spacious seats that turn into beds

singapore airlines 2018

When you fly first class, you won’t arrive with aching limbs. Wide seats, that fully recline to give you a comfortable and spacious bed are commonplace when flying first class. Fly with Singapore airlines and you’ll get a massive bed that is 82 inches long and 35 inches wide! Of course the staff will turn your bed down for you when you’re ready to sleep, and bring you some comfortable pyjamas to change into. Bliss!

A bar in the skies

Virgin Atlantic were the first to introduce a bar on their planes, and it proved so popular you’ll now find bars on planes when you fly with the likes of Qatar Airways, Korean Air, Emirates and many others. What better way to pass the time on a long flight than sat at the bar with your favorite drink, a few nibbles and some interesting company. You may forget you’re even travelling.

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