It’s always advisable to get to the airport early. Then there’s no panic if there’s some sort of delay, if your car breaks down or you get lost on the way. But then you’re there with hours to spare, you’ve checked your bags in and you’re ready to fly but you’ve got loads of time to kill. So what do you do? Well you go shopping of course! You check out all those duty free bargains and treat yourself! We take a look at the best airports for duty free shopping around the world… which happen to also be ranked among the best airports in the world overall.

5 – Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is perfect for shoppers looking for a great deal. You do have to be rather savvy when airport shopping. Sometimes those bargain prices are just not quite the deal they appear to be, but at Hong Kong International they give you a ‘downtown pricing guarantee’. What this means, is that the price you pay in the airport is guaranteed to be no higher than the prices you’d pay in the city.

4 – Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

This stunning airport is great for relaxing, there’s even a rooftop viewing area, but it’s also brilliant for shopping. They offer different special deals each month, and if you’re a keen gardener, you’ll find some super prices on the famous Dutch tulip bulbs and seeds.

3 – Singapore Changi Airport

For anyone flying long haul, Singapore Changi Airport is a popular option for connecting flights. It’s also the most beautiful airport in the world, according to a 2019 ranking. If you’ve got time to spare, do check out the shops. You’re spoiled for choice with a whopping 350 stores, just make sure you don’t miss your flight if you’re busy shopping!

2 – Hamad International Airport

Hamad Internation Airport in Qatar offers 24 hour a day shopping with some of the top luxury brands available. With everything from Harrods and Hermes to Tiffany, if you’re looking for high end products, you’re likely to find them at Hamad International. Along with other airports in this list, Hamad International Airport is considered one of the most beautiful airports in the world.

1 – Seoul Incheon International Airport

Finally, at number one in our list is Seoul Incheon International Airport in South Korea. There’s certainly plenty to do here while you’re waiting for your flight. There’s some fantastic restaurants and cafes, and if you really need to unwind, there’s even a sauna you can use! When it comes to shopping, this airport really is second to none. Our top tip is to look out for Korean beauty products as they have some fantastic bargains.

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