In a recent announcement, Doha-based private jet airline Qatar Executive has unveiled plans for worldwide expansion. New sales offices are to be opened in three cities where the airline has seen substantial recent growth, Shanghai, Moscow and London. These cities will also become bases for Qatar Executive aircraft passing through, although no jets will actually be based there.

Chambery and Samedan just a flight away

Qatar Executive also has special certification to allow it to fly into airports across Europe that are surrounded by mountains. This certification is hard to achieve and involves extensive simulator training for the pilots. This gives the airline the opportunity to fly routes that other airlines cannot support due to not having the relevant certification. Destinations such as Innsbruck in Austria, Chambery in France and Samedan in Switzerland are now all accessible for Qatar Executive.

Qatar Airways coping despite blockade

In June 2017, a blockade was imposed on Doha due to alleged support of terrorism, a claim that Qatar has vehemently denied. The blockade was issued by Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and has been in place ever since. This caused the airline to lose access to 18 cities and to re-route many flights, with longer journeys incurring extra costs.

The airline reported it to be the most challenging year in its 20 year history, and stated that it had incurred losses of more than $69 million due to the Gulf blockade.

However, the innovative airline is always moving forward fast, the customer experience is constantly improving, bringing some prestigious rewards such as the accolade of the Best Airline in the World, awarded for the fifth time this year. In efforts to alleviate the losses caused by the blockade, 24 new destinations have been launched since the blockade was put in force.

Qatar Executive success linked to reputation of Qatar Airways

The word ‘Qatar’ has become synonymous with high quality air travel and this is of course highly beneficial to Qatar Executive. It is partly the reason why the private jet airline has been able to achieve much success in a short period of time.

Gulfstream order brings extra level of luxury to Qatar Executive

Qatar Executive has been adding Gulfstream jets into its fleet, part of an order for 30 jets which are currently being delivered. The G500 and G650ER take the airline to an even higher level of luxury and comfort and with the G650ER being the world’s fastest long-range business jet, flight times will be as short as they possibly can, something that will no doubt be highly appealing to Qatar Executive’s elite customers. The airline has stated that it will be operating 21 aircraft by the end of 2019.

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