Do you find airports busy, confusing, or simply plain boring? A visit to Qatar’s Hamad International Airport could definitely change your mind! HIA opened in 2014 and now sees over 30 million passengers each year, but you won’t find it overcrowded. It really is a place you’ll want to linger. As of March 2019, it ranks among the best airports in the world, and the best airport in the Middle East.

doha international airport HIA

One of the most beautiful airports in the world

Every aspect of this airport has been designed with beauty in mind. There’s something interesting to see around every corner. Set right on the coast, built on reclaimed land, the sea has been used as the theme for many aspects of the design. You’ll see rippling roof tops, wave shaped walkways, and even a mosque in the shape of a droplet of water. It’s also spotlessly clean.

Take your time to stroll the length and breadth of HIA and you’ll discover some amazing works of art. Some are huge, such as the giant teddy bear sat under a lamp created by Swiss artist Urs Fischer and Small Lie, by KAWS, a pop artist from New York. Others are more subtle, like the birds that are perched on top of the information boards.

Fantastic facilities

It’s not all about the looks though, HIA is also packed full of amazing facilities to make your time in the airport a truly pleasurable experience. From the futuristic indoor train, to the airport gym. Yes, the airport actually has a gym that any passenger can book a session in. It’s not just exercise machines though, there’s also squash courts and a 25 meter swimming pool!

Travel business or first class and you can enter a world of luxury in one of the airport lounges.

Here you can book a private bedroom if you fancy a snooze, you can watch a movie in the cinema, have a relaxing treatment at the spa and enjoy a decadent four course meal, with fine wine of course!

doha international airport cinema

Can there really be a tranquil airport?

Yes! Unbelievably, HIA is pretty much silent! Other than calls to prayer, there is just no noise due to the fact that there are no announcements over the tannoy.

Just don’t miss your flight

With so much to see and do at HIA, the only worry you will have is remembering that you’re actually on your way somewhere and you have a plane to catch! So get there early and make the most of everything that HIA has to offer.

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