Virgin Money in the UK currently have a fantastic offer if you sign up for one of its two new credit cards. But you’ll need to act fast as you only have until June 30th to take advantage of it. With up to 30,000 miles available, it’s certainly well worth looking into if you collect Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles.

Two cards, two different offers

There are two cards and there’s a good offer on each, so it’s important to work out which one will suit you best. Let’s take a closer look…

Virgin Atlantic Reward Credit Card

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles







There are two levels of bonus award with each card and they do differ, so first we’ll look at what you get with the basic level card. This card has no annual fee, but the rewards are lower than the Reward+ card which we’ll look at later. Once you’ve made your first purchase on the card, you’ll get 5000 free Flying Club Miles as long as your purchase was within 90 days of applying. In my experience, the points were credited to my account before I’d even paid my bill, however, I’m sure they’d take them back if I didn’t pay it! Now this is a great little bonus, at standard rates, to buy these miles it would cost £90 (£15 per 1000 miles plus £15 admin fee). But, it gets even better. If you spend £1000 or more within the first 90 days of opening your account, you get an extra 7000 miles. That’s £195 worth in total. Use your card on your day to day spending, and you’ll also earn more miles as you go, at a rate of .75 miles for each pound spent. While that’s not a huge amount, it will add up over time. If you’re a bigger spender and would like greater rewards, then take a look at the Reward+ card.

Virgin Atlantic Reward+ Credit Card

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles







The Reward+ card works in the same way, but the figures are different. For a start, there’s an annual fee of £160, so do bear that in mind when you’re deciding which card is going to be most profitable for you. On signing up you get a massive 15,000 Flying Club Miles as long as you buy something within 90 days, and a further 15,000 miles for spending £3000 in the first 90 days. That’s an awful lot of miles if you’re planning on making a large purchase anyway. Those miles would cost you £465 to buy. On an ongoing basis, you’ll also receive 1.5 miles for every pound spent.

Should you get a Virgin Atlantic Credit Card?

If you collect Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles then this is a great offer to give your miles a good boost. As long as you’re the sort of person who always pays their balance off in full, then you won’t fall foul of the relatively high interest rates (22.9% pa variable). But of course that applies to any credit cards you may own. If you don’t already use a credit card that offers a reward for your spending, then it could be a great choice, if you do, then you need to weigh up which reward you prefer. Or, simply get a card, make that initial purchase and bag those free 5000 miles!

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