Qatar Airways has launched a ground breaking new private jet, the Gulfstream G500. With a super powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada engine, this Qatar Airways private jet can fly faster and further than other private jets, enabling direct flights between cities such as London and Los Angeles, which were just not previously possible. For high-flying business people, time is always of the essence, and there’s plenty of time to be saved when you fly on the Gulfstream G500.

While you can save time, you certainly won’t be saving money, with a flight from New York to London costing a cool $160,000, but if you can afford it, you’ll certainly be flying in style.

The ultimate on-board luxury

As you’d imagine, the seats of the G500 are very spacious, there’s plenty of room to store your luggage and whether you want a small table for your laptop, or a large conference style table for in-flight business collaboration, you’ll find everything you need. The extra large windows give lots of natural light and the cabin has been specifically designed to keep noise to a minimum, so you won’t have to shout over the drone of the engine!

Qatar Airways Private Jet Gulfstream G500

Attention to every detail

Every item on this plane is created to the highest standard, from the handmade carpets to the hand-stitched leather seating, everything just oozes quality.

Qatar Airways Private Jet

Cleverly created to reduce jet lag

While decadent interiors are nice, and a comfortable seat will help you to relax, it’s always hard to banish jet lag, which can be terribly frustrating if you’re travelling for an important meeting and feel exhausted when you get there. Gulfstream has really gone the extra mile with the G500 and it’s believed that the clever design of this jet can actually reduce the effects of jet lag. How has this been accomplished? Well it’s a combination of a low interior altitude, and the fact that the cabin air is 100 percent fresh and replenished every two minutes.

Qatar Airways Private Jet is packed full of the latest tech

You’ll experience the very best of cutting edge technology on board the Gulfstream G500. You’ll of course have access to the award winning Oryx entertainment system that Qatar Airways has become well known for, but in addition, there is the innovative Gulfsteam Cabin Management System. This allows the passengers to use their mobile devices to control many aspects of their environment such as the lowering or raising of the window shades, changing the cabin temperature, and controlling the lighting.

Inside Qatar Airways’ Private Jet: Video Tour

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