The results of the Skytrax annual aviation survey have been released for 2018 and here we take a look at the Top 10 Best Economy Airlines in 2018.

The Skytrax “Best Airlines in the World” rankings are highly respected. With more than 20 million passengers from all corners of the globe giving their opinion. Back in 2000 the survey attracted just 2.2 million respondents. This year, 335 airlines were included in the survey. If you’re flying a long distance in economy class, it can certainly be worth doing your research are some economy cabins are far superior to others. You could have a fairly comfortable seat, or you might end up squashed in with your knees tucked under your chin for the entire trip.

10. Japan Airlines

9. Lufthansa

8. EVA Air

7. Garuda Indonesia

6. Cathay Pacific Airways

5. ANA All Nippon Airways

4. Emirates

3. Qatar Airways

2. Singapore Airlines

1. Thai Airways – The Best Economy Airline

Choose any one of these airlines for your next economy flight, and you should find your journey comfortable and enjoyable!

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