Qatar Airways is always at the forefront when it comes to moving forward, and this time it isn’t an innovative seat design or a new menu for business class passengers, it’s something even more exciting. Especially for Nigerian pilot Adeola Ogunmola Sowemimo as she has recently secured the envious role of piloting a Boeing 747 for the national carrier of Qatar. While Adeola is the first female Nigerian pilot to be employed by Qatar Airways, the airline is certainly paving the way for equality, with women making up 44% of the workforce in 2018.

Adeola now joins the ranks of female pilots in Africa, an elite group of only five. But it’s certainly a start and hopefully it will set a new trend for females to be accepted as pilots as readily as their male counterparts. Adeola is a fantastic role model for young females with a dream of entering the aviation business, and she most definitely shows that anything can be achieved, and that sexism in this industry is on the wane.

A career of achievements

This position is well deserved. She has previously worked as a member of the Nigerian Air Force, trained specifically by the US to combat Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram. She now has her dream job and has taken to social media to share photos of herself in her pilots uniform. Sharing her thanks and her joy at her new role.

Adeola Ogunmola Sowemimo Qatar Airways

An influence that reaches across boundaries

Adeola has had such an amazing response from friends and family, but also from people all over the world. People who have never met her, but have been touched by her story. They’ve responded in their hundreds with their messages of congratulations and their thanks for the hope and inspiration she offers to a new generation. A knowledge that anything can be achieved and dreams can come true regardless of the colour of your skin, your gender or any other factor. Hard work and dedication such as shown by Adeola can truly help anyone to realise their goals.

Congratulations Adeola

So we’d also like to add our own congratulations to the many others that this talented lady has received. We wish her a wonderful career with Qatar Airways. We’re sure it will be a huge success and hopefully one day we’ll fly in a Boeing 747 with Adeola at the helm!

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