There has been a lot of talk in the media about the future of private jet charter, a new era of private jets that would utilize the methodology deployed by Uber, which is of course highly successful. So in theory, this sounds great, this would make chartering your own jet more affordable, bringing private jets, if not to the masses, then to a much wider audience. You’d be able to book your party on a shared jet, cutting down on costs, and experience those extras that a private jet affords. Easier transit through airports, more privacy, faster journeys, and not least, the thrill of flying in a private jet.

So it all sounds pretty good doesn’t it? But unfortunately, there are a huge number of differences between Uber cabs and an Uber style private jet business. There are so many barriers in the way, when you look at the level of complication involved, it really does seem that it would be incredibly hard to overcome them all. Hence, it’s unlikely that this concept will actually get off the ground. Literally!

Why Uber Jet Charter is unsustainable…











There’s simply not the critical mass

While there are plenty of Uber drivers, and of course vehicles are in no shortage, when it comes to jets, there just isn’t a backlog of planes hanging around waiting for someone to book one. In addition, there aren’t enough pilots to realistically make this idea feasible, and obviously becoming a pilot is not something you can do in a hurry!













Too many rules and regulations

In the aviation industry, there’s just so much red tape, the industry itself is highly regulated, then you have to take into account the laws of each country you’re flying to. With restrictions on certain aircraft, locations and passengers, it all becomes very complex.

The back-end system would be a leap ahead and a step too far

Private jet charter is so unique, with so many variables, creating a computer system to keep track of such a system would be nigh on impossible.












Personal requirements make ride sharing complicated

Those who charter private jets pay a lot of money to do so. So of course, in return, they want their journey to be perfect. They may request a particular jet, they perhaps want an aircraft with a particular seat configuration and if someone is running late, they will expect the aircraft to be delayed just for them. When it comes to sharing a ride, these prestigious customers are likely to want to know who they will be sharing their plane with, and additionally, jet owners may want to vet the passengers.

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