When you’re travelling, it can become rather dull, so your in-flight meal can really help to break up the boredom. With some airlines, you’ll have a gourmet feast, on others, you’ll be served up something truly dismal and unappetising. Discover which airlines bring you the best, and the worst onboard food.

The best airline meals

Emirates meals











Fly Emirates, and the award-winning attention to detail it is famous for shines through in the food. The economy meals are a delight, but if you fly first class, you’re in for a real treat. A seven course banquet served up on fine bone china.

Singapore Airlines meals













Another airline with a superb reputation, and that’s certainly reflected in the food. The in-flight meals are created with the help of Michelin starred chefs.

TAP Portugal meals












No matter what class seat you book, you’ll always have a meal included when you fly with TAP Portugal. This airline focuses on traditional Portuguese food, with extra attention paid to the delicious desserts. Wash it down with a glass or two of Douro Valley wine and you’ve got the perfect meal!

Swiss International Airlines meals












With an emphasis on Swiss food with its Taste of Switzerland program, you can expect such delicacies such as Nidwalden-style mashed potato with veal bacon and cheese, or beef tenderloin with ofetori.

The worst in-flight meals

Hawaiian Airlines meals













Dieters may want to avoid Hawaiian Airlines next time they fly. Their average in-flight meal contains a massive 970 calories!

Spirit Airlines meals










As a budget airline, you wouldn’t expect too much from its food offerings, but when all you can get is junk food snacks, this is not an airline for anyone into healthy eating!

Aeroflot meals













Aeroflot, the airline from Russia has become notorious for its bad food. It’s generally bland and badly presented, and customers have reported that it’s often served either under or overcooked. The last thing you want while you’re on your way to an important meeting or to your vacation destination is the risk of food poisoning from undercooked food!

Ryanair meals










You might have grabbed a cheap flight bargain, but you won’t find any bargains when it comes to food. On board you have a small selection of over-priced snack food that really isn’t worth bothering with. You’re far better off picking up something in the airport.

Frontier Airlines meals












Frontier Airlines is another one that only offers you junk food snacks on board. If you’re feeling hungry, you’d better take your own food as the choice leaves a lot to be desired.

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