Time can certainly drag on a long haul flight. When you’re sat in your seat for hours on end, the in-flight entertainment system really can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your flight. Luckily these days, there is some amazing entertainment on offer during your flight, that can make the hours pass quickly. From music to movies, games and even Wi-Fi access, we take a look at the best in-flight entertainment available…

10 – Thai Airways

Fly Thai Airways and you’ll have over 1000 hours of movies to choose from, so there’s bound to be something to suit everyone’s tastes. If you find it hard to concentrate on a full length movie during a flight, there are also some short films, as well as music and games. The seat-back screens are a good size and there is also plenty of content aimed at children. For anyone who has ever travelled with kids, you’ll know just how important this is! Thai Airways also offer Wi-Fi on some of their flights.

9 – Delta Airlines

Delta have an interesting feature with their in-flight entertainment. You can choose to access it via the seatback screen, or you can download an app and gain access to all the movies, television and music via your tablet or phone. Like Thai Airways, Delta also offer Wi-Fi access on selected flights.

8 – Etihad

The E-Box system used by Etihad brings you a wide range of entertainment options including some of the latest blockbuster movies. Additionally, on some flights you can watch live news and sporting events. There’s also an extensive CD library with the ability to set up your own personal playlist, and a selection of Android games.

7 – Qantas

On a long haul Quantas flight you’ve got a massive 1500 entertainment options, including a dedicated kids channel. Things are looking even better for the future as Qantas are working on installing fast, free Wi-Fi on their planes.

6 – Lufthansa

The entertainment onboard a Lufthansa flight is aimed at families with loads of content for the kids as well as a wide selection of audiobooks in both English and German.

5 – Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic were the first airline to offer seatback entertainment. The Vera system currently in use has a great mixture of entertainment options including TV box sets and a wide range of movies, music and games.

4 – Turkish Airlines

The Planet system aboard selected Turkish Airlines flights has a decent amount of content available, but it also offers multiplayer gaming, and the ability to send and receive emails and SMS messages.

3 – Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines have a reputation for quality in-flight entertainment. Their KrisWorld system has a lot to offer and it’s highly intuitive to use. There’s a great mix of content available including over 1000 movies and content from around the world.

2 – Qatar Airways

The Oryx One entertainment system used by Qatar Airways really does have something for everybody. With 3000 options to choose from, you’re certainly spoilt for choice, and the content is rather more eclectic than that offered by some airlines with everything from Bollywood films to documentaries available.

1 – Emirates

Finally, topping the list in first position is Emirates with their Ice system. The widescreen seatback displays offer you over 2500 different entertainment options and for those who have hearing or visual difficulties, audio descriptions and closed captions are available. Limited free Wi-Fi is available on long haul flights, and you can even take a language course while you’re in the air!

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